Sponsorship at La Mater

Sponsorship at La Mater


You may be wondering what sponsorship is and how it actually works La Mater ?

Well the principle of sponsorship at La Mater is very simple. If you have been satisfied with the delivery service of La Materyou can talk to people around you and if 3 of them actually place an order at La Mater, we reward you by offering you a free delivery of your market regardless of its size and where you are in Yaoundé.

How do you know that you brought 3 people?

To take advantage of this offer, we have set up 2 means:

  1. Direct way
    The people who placed orders will give you their names and the order number, which is in the form "#XXXXCMR".

    You will send us a message (Facebook, WhatsApp or email) with this information for us to save. After 3 orders, you will be notified and can place your order free delivery.

  2. By Registration
    You can register by filling out the following form. You will receive a personalized link (http://lamater.refr.cc/wilfried) that you will share with your entourage. All orders made via your link will automatically be counted. At the 3e command, you will receive a message inviting you to place your order.

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  • Amalega Adèle

    I have traveled and it interests me.

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