But who are they really? 🤔

But who are they really? 🤔

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Resellers or couriers?

If you answered steeds you have seen right!

Contrary to what one might think, la mater does not buy the products to resell them. We are not resellers but rather couriers. But what's the difference? The difference is that we do the shopping with the order, we do not keep stock in order to sell as resellers do.

But what's better for users?

Well, the price you pay is the one you see on the market. You can check by yourself;)

But how do you manage if you do not make a profit?

The commission fees applied to orders not only allow us to pay our deliverers, to maintain the various actors who participate in the service, but also to support the transport costs of the order. Do not forget we deliver to every nook and cranny of Yaoundé, just tell us where to find you;)

Well ... I'm still wondering about the quality of products;

Do not worry about it! The races are carried out by the care of our mother who is at the same time the promoter of the concept (hence the name "LaMater" 😉). What better expertise than this one for the choice of fresh food!

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With each order, she goes to her "assos" (as they say here at home) markets Mokolo and Mfoundi to sort the best products. We guarantee you the freshness of the product that will be delivered the next day.

As for pastries, wines and liqueurs, canned products etc ... they come from the safest supermarkets in the city like MAHIMA, SONECO, SOCOPRAMAC, NIKKI etc ...

We make the promise to bring you the best value for money on the market and we guarantee you delivery in a timely manner as well as warm and friendly relations with our customers.

We did not answer all your questions? It does not matter, you can contact us at any time for additional information.

Do not panic, LaMater manages 😊


  • La Mater Service


    You waited for it, we are there! La Mater Service is now available in the city of Douala. Do not hesitate to visit the site. Like always, La Mater manage!

  • Royale Sonya


  • Gaëlle

    Are your services available in the city of Douala?

  • La Mater Service

    Hi Ida Makoge, For the moment we are only available in Yaoundé and we will deploy in the city of Douala shortly.

  • Ida makoge

    Hello. I want to know if your services are available in Douala. I'am interested.

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