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The impact of COVID-19 has been felt in all aspects of our lives and the conduct of school programs is no exception.

Overnight, the courses stopped at the instigation of the government in order to limit contact between people.

The students had to learn to follow the courses remotely, the WhatsApp application has gone from a simple messaging application between friends to a work tool ....

La Mater accompany you !!

La Mater Since the start of the pandemic, service has been part of a logic of participating in the fight against the virus.


We know that it is often difficult to diagnose COVID-19 because the first symptoms very often resemble those of the flu or other illnesses. In Cameroon, the number 1510 has been made available to the public to answer questions that everyone may have about the disease or have a first diagnosis if in doubt. However, this solution can prove to be quite complicated if several people wish to have a first diagnosis at the same time. To overcome this difficulty, the IT team at La Mater Service participated in the design and produced ...


You want to participate in the Christmas treasure hunt, it's here.


Weekend delivery is for you.

Place your order at La Mater from Monday to Thursday (any time) or Friday (before 12h) and receive your home market on the weekend between Saturday et Sunday.


You do not know how to place an order? We explain everything in detail in this little manual.

How to build my basket? How to specify the delivery address? How to pay from abroad?

After reading these few lines you will have no difficulty placing an order on the site of La mater Services