The Christmas treasure of La Mater

The Christmas treasure of La Mater

Welcome dear explorer,

You want to participate in the treasure hunt and find the Surprise Pack of La Mater ?

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Once these two conditions are met, you are ready for the rest of the adventure l'av.

Before continuing, reminder about what you win:

A surprise worth 10.000 FCFA is planned for the first to find the Christmas treasure.

We begin


For Christmas, the only person capable of making one of the most popular traditional meals commissions you to take all the ingredients for the recipe to the market.

On the way, you lose the list and you no longer remember its contents. Unfortunately you cannot go to see la mater to tell him.
Fortunately, one of your elders took the same route as you and knows the contents of the list, but to annoy you, he decides to give it to you in the form of an enigma by giving you a roadmap.

Can you make up the list?

Your mission is to find all the ingredients on the list and add them to the basket. Once done, place your order,

The first correct order will receive the greatest Christmas treasure for free

First clue

"Used in both bassa'a and betis, we must first be ground. It is actually our juice (or oil) that is used in general and in this recipe in particular"

Who am I ?

Do you already have an idea of ​​the answer?

Go to the product page in question, you will find the following puzzle there. Don't forget to add it to the basket.

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