Parck Eru and water fufu

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This dish from northwestern Cameroon is a mixture of vegetables: okok and water leaf, a kind of spinach with small leaves. It is not always easy to find all these ingredients especially when living abroad: we can replace the water leaf with spinach branches. Here is the recipe for 6 people, the average size of a household in Cameroon.


  • 1 sachet of leaves of eru or 3 cups of leaves of eru (or okok);
  • 750 g spinach leaves or 3 cups of water leaf leaves;
  • 1 mug of mandjanga or crayfish;
  • Smoked fish (kebabs or bifagas or cod);
  • Beef skin;
  • 1 kg of beef;
  • 1 / 4 liter of palm oil;
  • 3 package water fufu
  • Salt;
  • Chili (optional);
  • 200 ml of water: use the cooking juices of meat and fish preferably.


1- The leaves of eru are difficult to cook, they must be soaked during 3 6 hours beforehand. You can also soak the leaves for 1h of time and boil them with baking soda for min 30;

2- For a portion of eru (or okok), use a serving of spinach or waterleaf. I want to clarify that spinach is different from waterleaf. For those who are far from Cameroon, spinach is a good substitute.

It is easy to make once all the ingredients are collected.

Preparation Steps:

0- Wash and cut all your vegetables;

1- After cutting and washing the skin of beef, boil it for 30 min. Then add the beef previously cleaned and cut. Do not forget to add salt;

2- Let it boil for 10 minutes until you get the gravy. You can add chilli. At the end of cooking, add the previously soaked fish. You must keep the juice, it will be useful for the rest of the cooking;

3- In a pot, stir in spinach or waterleaf. After 10 min, add the cheese and let the mixture simmer. Stir occasionally;

4- Add meat and fish, stir mixture and simmer for min 5;

5- Then add the cooking juices and the palm oil, stir and let

simmer for 15 min;

6- Finally add your crayfish and

let it simmer for 5 at 10 min;

7- To realize the waterfufu:

8- Add a few drops of water to the waterfufu and mix with your hand;

9- In a saucepan, stir in water and bring to a boil. Pour a large portion of the water into another container and keep only a few drops of water in the pot. The waterfufu is cooked with little water. If there are many, it will have the texture of a porridge.

10- Gradually add the mixture and stir vigorously until cooked. Add water if necessary.

11- Serve hot with water fufu or with tapioca couscous.