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Calendar forward

What better way to prepare for the Christmas holidays than to receive small presents every week.
At the company La Mater Market is “the belly that carries the body”;) we have therefore decided to offer you little surprises while waiting for the big day.


By ordering this pack, you will receive local products allowing you to make 2/3 dishes each week.


Fruit pack (a variety of fresh fruits, see fruit pack on the site)

Okok pack (everything you need for a good okok dish

Manioc stick (who says okok necessarily means bobolo 😋)

Week 2:

Braised mackerel pack (everything you need to make good braised mackerel)

Pounded Plantain Pack

the products of week 1 and 2 are delivered at the same time, you can use the sticks for both okok and fish.

Week 3:

Bean donuts pack (a good bh for traditionalists)

Fruit pack (yes more fruit, we never have enough)

Peanut sauce pack

Long grain flavored rice

Week 4:

Kondre Pork Pack

Red wine Chateau Montignac

A little surprise awaits you during the last delivery 😉