Green anise

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Culinary use

  • The fresh, finely minced leaves are used to flavor certain dishes: raw vegetables, salads, soups, etc.
  • The seeds are used in pastry and confectionery (Anis de Flavigny, gingerbread, sugared almonds, etc.).
  • They are also part of the composition of liqueurs and aniseed drinks (anisette, rakı, ouzo, pastis, arak, pontarlier, absinthe, etc.). These drinks owe their taste to the termenes contained in the plant.

Therapeutic use

In infusion, the seeds give a herbal tea stimulating and carminative properties, recommended for bloating, difficult digestion, aerocolie and referrals, antispasmodic, ideal for colic and reflux of babies.

Companion use

Remove aphids, worms or caterpillars.