The week of the "Paters"

The week of the "Paters"

Hello family,

Father's Day lasts a week at la mater!!

Because we know that you value your dear dads and that you often do not know how to express it, because we noticed the low media coverage of Father's Day, la mater decided to celebrate the paters for a whole week.

You do not know what to offer him?

Sunday 16 June to Saturday 22 June order on and add to your order a custom keychain for your dad made by the company BLHENRI.

keychain designed by BLHENRI

For the small sum of 2000 FCFA offer him a nice keychain with his initials, the names of his children, his wife and why not his phone number so that he can be contacted in case of loss of his keyring.

Do not miss this opportunity to make a gesture of gratitude.

For the practical arrangements, it is la mater who manage!!

Want to know more about BLHENRI ?
BLHENRI is a company that wants to be the next pioneer in the manufacture of metal cookware. For now, she offers her clients all kinds of personalized gadgets.
Address : 162, 1534 Manguier Street
Contact : + 237 6 74 94 13 12

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